The AlgoAstros NFT Collection is made up of 400 individually designed Astros crafted by Mission Control at HEADLINE INC. 
Each Astro is different and individual, whether Mission Control gave them different space equipment, different missions or they’ve found themselves at different locations in space, We assure you that each Astro has his own story to tell.
Let us lay out the basics for the AlgoAstros. 
Their locations in space & their Background can differ in many ways.  Some Astros are close to planets light-years away, some are just a stone’s throw away from the Moon, while others are simply floating around in space with nothing in sight, occasionally encountering some extra-terrestrial amigos. 
Mission Control has given each Astro one of just a few Helmets and Suits, oftentimes they are mismatched, some are prettier than others, and some are made of precious metals mined from far-away planets. 
Their mission protocols can be determined by the Visor they must see through, as those passing by bright stars on their mission must have highly reflective polarized visors to avoid being blind in space (Sounds awful).  Those that are on missions to investigate new planets, and will need versatile visibility will have two-tone visors allowing them to avoid eternal blindness while still being able to see when landing.
There is currently a class of Astro in subnautica aerospace trainings, These Astros have yet to leave Earth and will be training underwater until they have graduated from Space School.
Legend has it that Mission Control has been training 10 Aerospace Astros in secret for years now, as more Astros find themselves on their missions to Space, these Astros may find themselves being hurled into space themselves.