about the astros


a nft collection of 400 individually crafted astros from the headline team

The Algo Astros Collection will contain 400 individually crafted Astros, created by HEADLINE INC’s Design team.  They will be available on AB2 Gallery on a weekly drop schedule.  10 Astros will be available each week. 

Weekly Drops

Each weekly drop the base Algo Astros price will increase by a minimum of 10%. .This weekly increase will be determined by demand, and will only be triggered if the previous weeks Algo Astros drop sells out.  



Saving the dolphins


We will be donating 10% of all proceeds to The Whale and Dolphin Conservation.  We are inspired by Algorand’s commitment to Carbon Neutrality, and will be giving back to the Earth in our own way! HEADLINE feels strongly about our underwater counterparts, and this project presents a new way to give back. We have a goal to donate to the Whale and Dolphin Conservation projects throughout the course of this project.


attributed collection

Using ARC63, each Algo Astros will have dedicated attributes, ranging from backgrounds, suits, materials, and visors, each Astro will be 1/1 and its rarity amongst the collection can be easily determined.


Community giveaways & rewards

We have planned a series of giveaways for AlgoAstros owners along with other incentives for ownership.

 Some incentives include discounted HEADLINE INC Merchandise & Monthly Raffles.


Commercially licensed 

Each Algo Astro is made individually, and we use licensed material to add depth to our collection.